Future Meter Project

Dr Peter Han Area 49 Lead Scientist Future Meter Project

Head of the
Future Meter Project

Dr. Peter Han

Dr. Peter Han attended Princeton University in 1999 at the remarkable age of 14, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics just three years later. In 2006 he earned dual doctorates in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Sociology. In 2007 he joined the Advanced Research and Engineering Applications Laboratory – 49 (AREA 49), and shortly thereafter initiated the Future Meter Project.

Dr Horace Gavriil Zhivago Area 49 Director of Operations Future Meter Project Dr. Han has received numerous awards and honors including the 2002 Dr.Paul Moreau Fellowship, the 2006 Seth Brundel Research Prize for his pioneering work in “Data Mapping Human Group Behaviorial Patterns,” the 2009 Delambre Medal of Merit and in 2010 the AREA 49 Dr. Horace G. Zhivago Meritorious Achievement Award for Outstanding Excellence. In 2011 he was elevated to Fellow of the American Society of Mathematicians, making him the youngest member to earn that distinction in the organization’s 57 year history.


                         “Don’t be afraid of the world we made.”

                                                    — Billy Idol –