Who Is Batman?

Dr Peter Han Area 49 Lead Scientist Who Is Batman?It has been shouted in the streets that Warner Bros. is planning a Batman/Superman movie to be released in 2015, with Henry Cavill reprising his role as the Man of Steel. So naturally fanboys everywhere are wondering, debating and arguing who should play the next incarnation of the Dark Knight.

Casting will be predicated on a number of factors, particularly age. At the San Diego Comic-Con director Zack Snyder cited the graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, which features an old man Batman, as a source of inspiration for the next film, but I seriously doubt the studio will be willing to bank on a superhero eligible for the senior citizen’s discount.

If the deciders skew younger there’s people like Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling, and one time Boy Wonder Joseph Gordon-Levitt: thespians in their early thirties with the requisite acting-chops and budding star power to fit the bill. The question is, do they have the right body-type to fill out the iconic Batsuit?

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There’s no doubt that Channing Tatum would look near-perfect in the cape & cowl, but how would he be as Bruce Wayne? His solid turn in last year’s Magic Mike notwithstanding, it’s debatable whether or not he could convincingly pull-off the Prince of Gotham.

Twenty-six year old Lone Ranger Armie Hammer can check all the right boxes, but at 6’5” (according to IMDB) he’s probably too tall to play the part. It would look kind of awkward to see Batman tower over the 6’1” Man of Steel.

gerard butler 2382 Who Is Batman?So what if they choose to make Batman older (but not old)? Forty-somethings like Gerard Butler, Josh Brolin, Matthew McConaughey and Clive Owen spring to mind. All four would look great in the getup, and all four would play the hell out of Bruce Wayne (remember Brolin as President Bush?), but if I had to choose one it would probably be Butler. Why? That voice. All he has to do is dial back the Scottish brogue and he’s tailor-made for the role.

bradley cooper premiere the hangover part ii 01 Who Is Batman?And what about the actors who fall in-between the aforementioned age groups? Guys in their mid-to-late-thirties like Michael Fassbender and Bradley Cooper. Both could play  Batman and Bruce Wayne with equal aplomb, although I would have to give the edge to Cooper, whose physique is more suited for the role and whose name is much more recognizable.

There’s always the possibility that Warner Bros. will tap a relative unknown to put on the mask. (How many people knew who Cavill was before he donned the cape?) But with a movie this massive my guess is the studio will want to hedge their bets as much as possible and pick someone people are more familiar with.

Who would you cast in the role of Gotham’s Caped Crusader?

And since I’m writing about casting comic book characters I have to say that one of my biggest disappointments in life is that I will never see the late great John Candy play the role he was born to play.

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Dr. Peter Han