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Sell Your Arctic Snow Gear, Ice Free Summers Possible by 2050; Armageddon/Waterworld Rises, Star Trek Falls (A/W+1=91%, ST-1=89%)

Posted August 24th, 2013 Ice-Free Summers in the Arctic Coming Sooner Than Previously Expected By Robert Schoon (Latinos Post) Last year the ice in the Arctic shrank to the lowest level in recorded history. While it looks like that record won’t be broken this summer, Read More >

U.S. Obesity Rate Slows in 49 out of 50 States, Arkansas Still Stuffing Its Face; Soylent Green Falls (SG-1=85%)

Posted August 16th, 2013 Obesity Rate Mostly Steadies in U.S. By David Pittman (Medpage Today) Obesity rates remained steady in every state except one in the last year, halting a 3-decade trend of near universal increases, according to a report from the Trust for Read More >

One Small Step: SpaceX’s Reusable Rocket Lifts Off and Lands Successfully; Star Trek Launches (ST+1=90%)

Posted August 15th, 2013 Grasshopper Reusable Rocket Successfully Completes Divert Test (Red Orbit) SpaceX’s Grasshopper reusable rocket took another step forward earlier this week, successfully completing a “divert test” which saw the vehicle reach an altitude of Read More >

Electro-Magnetic-Powered Transport System Would Travel at 800 MPH; Armageddon/Waterworld and Road Warrior Drop, Star Trek Gains (A/W-1=90%, RW-1=75%, ST+1=89%)

Posted August 13th, 2013 A Closer Look At Elon Musk’s Much-Hyped Hyperloop A rendering of a Hyperloop pod. By Elise Hu (Alabama Public Radio) You can thank brainy billionaire Elon Musk’s Hyperloop proposal for bringing electro-magnetic-powered transportation Read More >

Private Dutch-Based Project Plans Colonization of Mars in 2022; Star Trek Rises (ST+1=88%)

Posted August 11th, 2013 100,000 sign up for one-way ticket to Mars More than 100,000 people around the world have applied to be the first to make a one-way trip to Mars, according to organisers of a prospective mission. NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover. Photo: Read More >

Talking Android Will Assist Astronaut Aboard International Space Station; Matrix/Terminator and Star Trek Gain (M/T+1=45%, ST+1=87%)

Posted August 3rd, 2013 Kirobo is world’s first talking robot sent into space Tomotaka Takahashi with his creation (BBC News) Japan has launched the world’s first talking robot into space to serve as companion to astronaut Kochi Wakata who will begin his Read More >

New Study Suggests Correlation Between ‘Climate and Conflict’; Star Trek Dips (ST-2=86%)

Posted August 1st, 2013 Rise in violence ‘linked to climate change’ The researchers believe that war and personal conflicts are links to shifts in climate By Rebecca Morelle (BBC News) Shifts in climate are strongly linked to increases in violence around the Read More >