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Increased Condom Use Among Teens Elevates Star Trek; Armageddon/Waterworld, Road Warrior, Soylent Green and Twelve Monkeys Soften (A/W-3=66%, RW-5=73%, SG-5=64%, ST+7=57%, TM-3=32%)

Posted July 25th, 2012 Teen Sex: More Teenagers Using Condoms Over Past Two Decades, CDC Reports By LAURAN NEERGAARD WASHINGTON — Nearly half of high school students say they’ve had sex, yet progress has stalled in getting them to use condoms to Read More >

Melting Ice Elevates Armageddon/Waterworld; Star Trek Drops as Sea Levels Rise (A/W+4= 69%, ST-2=50%)

Posted July 25th, 2012 Greenland Ice Melt, Measured By NASA Satellites, Reaches Unprecedented Level Joanna Zelman Unprecedented melting of Greenland’s ice sheet this month has stunned NASA scientists and has highlighted broader concerns that the region is losing a Read More >

Star Trek Spikes: Future Looks Bright as Man Becomes Part Machine (ST+2=52%)

Posted July 24th, 2012 What may be the world’s first cybernetic hate crime unfolds in French McDonald’s George Dvorsky Steve Mann, the “father of wearable computing,” has been physically assaulted while visiting a McDonalds in Paris, Read More >

Huge Solar Flare Raises Risk of Armageddon/Waterworld (A/W+2=65%)

Posted July 14th, 2012 X-Class Solar Flare, Strongest Kind, Erupts From Giant Sunspot ‘AR1520′ By: Tariq Malik The sun unleashed a huge flare Thursday (July 12), the second major solar storm to erupt from our star in less than a Read More >

Illinois Drought Drives Up Soylent Green, Armageddon/Waterworld; Star Trek Suffers Slightly (A/W+2=63%, SG+5=69%, ST-1=50%)

Posted July 12th, 2012 First drought this year hits state crops, lawns By Mitch Smith Tribune reporter Even as the heat wave subsided this week, conditions for cornfields and lawns continue to be affected by what meteorologists are calling Illinois’s first drought of Read More >