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Bird Flu Kills Baby Seals, Humans Could Be Next; Twelve Monkeys Gains (TM+1=43%)

Posted July 31st, 2012 New Bird Flu Virus Kills 162 Baby Seals Off Northeast US Coast By AFP  ( – A new kind of bird flu has been causing deadly pneumonia in baby seals off the northeastern US coast and could pose a risk to humans, according to US Read More >

Onion Recall Widens, Boosts Soylent Green, Twelve Monkeys (SG+2=78%, TM+1=42%)

Posted July 31st, 2012 Onion Listeria Recall Expands To Multiple States, Canada (The Huffington Post) Looks like the onions that led to the recall of several Trader Joe’s products have continued to wreak havoc. Gills Onions, which provides diced, slivered and Read More >

Twelve Monkeys Climbs Over Conern of Ebola Virus Spreading (TM+3=41%)

Posted July 30th, 2012 Uganda: Ebola Breeds Caution (THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) Six more patients thought to have the highly infectious Ebola virus have been hospitalized days after investigators confirmed an outbreak of the disease in western Uganda, a health official said Read More >

UFO Sighting Sends ID4 Soaring (ID4+7=8%)

Posted July 30th, 2012 UFO Over Olympics Opening Ceremony: A Classic Flying Saucer [VIDEO] By Lee Speigel (The Huffington Post) Talk about an uninvited guest at the Olympics. Friday night’s spectacular pyrotechnics display of the most watched opening ceremony in Read More >

Climate Change Naysayer Sees the Science, Converts to Reality; Star Trek Gains Slightly (ST+1=52%)

Posted July 29th, 2012 Koch-funded climate change skeptic reverses course Former climate change skeptic Richard A. Muller, in a New York Times op-ed, stepped back from his earlier dismissal of global warming. (Los Angeles Times / March 30, 2011) By Neela Read More >

Twelve Monkeys Jumps Over Deadly Ebola Outbreak (TM+6=38%)

Posted July 28th, 2012 Ebola outbreak in Uganda kills 13: official  By Elias Biryabarema (Reuters) – An outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus has killed 13 people in Uganda and efforts are under way to contain the hemorrhagic fever, the World Health Organisation (WHO) Read More >

Armageddon/Waterworld Gains as New Threat to Ozone Layer Emerges; Star Trek Dips (A/W+3=73%, ST-3=51%)

Posted July 27th, 2012 Storms Threaten Ozone Layer Over U.S., Study Says By HENRY FOUNTAIN (The New York Times) Strong summer thunderstorms that pump water high into the upper atmosphere pose a threat to the protective ozone layer over the United States, researchers said Read More >

Armageddon/Waterworld and Soylent Green Climb Over Concern of Severe Draught; Star Trek Drops (A/W+4=70%, SG+6=70%, ST-4=58%)

Posted July 26th, 2012 WRAPUP 2-U.S. Midwest drought worsens, food inflation to rise * Corn bakes despite scattered rain, soybeans on edge * U.S. expands disaster aid to 1,369 counties in 31 states * USDA economist says food inflation will rise in coming year By Peter Read More >

Soylent Green Soars Over Expected Food Price Hike, Replaces Road Warrior as Primary Threat to Mankind; Star Trek Stumbles (SG+6=76%. ST-4=54%)

Posted July 26th, 2012 Drought lights fire under food prices, USDA says By Russ Blinch (Reuters) – Food prices will race ahead faster than prices of other goods in the United States this year and next, due to the worst drought in more than a half a century, the Read More >

High Schooler’s Science Fair Project: Miracle Medical Diaognostic Device or Seed of Mankind’s Destruction? Matrix/Terminator and Star Trek Spike (M/T+5=23%, ST+5=62%)

Posted July 25th, 2012 Girl Programs Artificial ‘Brain’ to Diagnose Breast Cancer InnovationNewsDaily Staff     Google Science Fair grand prize winner Brittany Wenger (far right) shares the stage with other winners in their age Read More >